There is not a time that I can remember when I was not fascinated by paints and brushes and form and color.

 The school I attended in England was noted for its independent art teacher, who corralled her students’ undisciplined enthusiasm with a strict but humorous guidance. My early art heroes were Lionel Edwards and Alfred Munnings and Maud Earl, and I spent many hours in copying their works and studying their techniques.

 After graduation, I took a vacation with friends in America, and while visiting San Antonio, Texas, I met and married Milton Walker. And that was the beginning of twenty years of travelling as a military wife and of filling sheet after sheet with pencil sketches and watercolors.

 When we were stationed again in San Antonio I joined the River Art Group, a consortium of artists who took turns keeping the local Gallery open and who held two or three exhibitions every year. At that time I was enthralled with the Old West and painted many western and cowboy scenes.

 My emphasis switched from horses to dogs when my son and daughter-in-law started raising and showing Weimaraners and as I learned the ins and outs of the show dog world, I became a popular dog painter. I was fascinated by the interaction between animal and owner – in the connection between the species that is obvious from both sides. At this time, I joined the Greyhound Pets of America (adopting retired racing greyhounds of her own), and the Bloodhound Club of America. I worked closely with owners and handlers of many AKC breeds, showing and selling her portraits both by commission and at dog shows in Texas.

 I consider myself a ‘self-taught’ artist, but I admit that I have learned from many people and, as a compulsive reader, has acquired an extensive library of art books that is constantly growing. I have had the benefit of the entire history of art and artists and considers myself very lucky in my career, as artists seldom retire and never stop learning. My works have been purchased by aficionados all over the world but I am full of paintings that are waiting to be painted and I intend to paint as many of them as possible.